Rabu, 07 Maret 2012


let's make some intermezzo.....
it's about our country, our beloved country.....
have you ever think about, how much you love your country?
sometimes i always think that i never enough love my country even foreign people  can love this country more than me..... 
they feel so amaze with our culture, our friendly attitude, etc. and proud to use our local product...
the people sometimes not give more attention to the culture, but in the time they loose it's, they'll be verry verry panic, weird!!!

so from now let's try to more appreciate all the things in our beloved country, every country have good side and bad, don't ever judge just from the bad, just proud of your country!!!

and i try make an illustration about this issue, yeah.....
check it out!!!

(pencil, drawing pen, digital. 2012)

this illustration tell about the western people who can see the positive side of our country more than our people themselves. this illustration is more like a satire to us, just like his statement above he say that "proud to be Indonesian".

a good propaganda is an idea that can collaborate with a good action, just imagine if the illustration print on a tees, hahahahahaha..... but maybe the pict not enough better for a tees, i'm still learn.... maybe someday.... hahaha...

( don't copy! it's not a stock dude)

2 komentar:

  1. wah ini dibikin baju ? tapi menurut gue kayaknya masih terlalu kasar sketsnya. bisa diperhalus mungkin lebih cartoon lucu kayaknya..just opini loh.

    1. ngga kok, cuma sekedar bayangin aja..... hehehe, trims sarannya.... :D