Who am i???
Just ordinary boy try to drag my big dream out from my head. My full name is Daka Abrian Prabowo. Born in Bandung, Oct 5th. 

interested in???
have more interest in  arts, making film, doodling, singing, a lil' bit photography.....  
start drawing when i can hold the pencil (childhood), doing some experiment with music, and making short movie, and take a photos using my handphone or old camera in my leisure time

about this blog???
i know blog in the 1st year of my senior highschool, i make an account but never know what the function of it??? start to bloging again in the last few month, it's because i can’t get no more idea how i can share my works, and when i blogwalking in some blog i think blog is a good place as my private gallery, get a coment, appreciate, like what i expect before. 

Another things that you interesting in???
really love vintage things, spend my time in a corner of my house (my lovely bedroom). want to make a fashion brand with street as a big theme